The Complete Yoga Package

Yoga asanas like Sun Salutation increases body vitality, controls insomnia and increases overall health of the body and improves the immune system, and body is less prone to diseases and effects of day-to-day stress. Breathing technique, also known as pranayama, eliminate stress, and develop a sense of inner peace and calm. Meditation helps an individual overcome negative emotions to facilitate a calm peaceful mind. Discussions on wisdom literature are introspective, and aimed at helping participants to facilitate personal discovery, growth and advance in their spiritual lives.

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Consciousness Cooking

Recipes for health and happiness - Learn how to prepare simple and quick vegetarian dishes, based on ancient Vedic principles and methods. Experience a new, deeper level in your relationship and appreciation of food and eating and discover the healing effects of the ingredients we use.

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Public Seminars

Dr. Howard J. Resnick, a distinguished teacher of the ancient bhakti-yoga tradition of India for over 40 years, is the first westerner in history to successfully translate and comment upon the canonical Bhāgavata-purāṇa. Dr. Resnick received his Ph.D. in Sanskrit and Indian Studies from Harvard University.

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